Notes on setting up cat shelves

Cats are one of the favorite pets in every family today. As you know, cats like to climb and stay in high positions. Therefore, to meet the characteristics of cats, manufacturers have quickly designed best cat shelves to help cats can freely climb and rest, play on it. So how to set up a cat shelf?

To set up a cat shelf properly and quickly, you need to follow some steps such as choosing the location to set, considering the appropriate cat shelf, ... To give you a better understanding of the details of the setup steps, please find out the following information now.

Choosing a location

The first step you need to take when setting up your cat shelf is to choose a location. Here are the specific steps and notes to choose the most suitable location in your home:

Select a safe location: Choosing the location of your cat shelf is very important. Please remember, the shelf is where your cat will not only sleep but will run over and jump up. Therefore, you should not set up cat shelves in places where many furniture or expensive items are placed, naughty cats can accidentally drop or damage them. For example, you should not place shelves near your TV cabinets or kitchen cabinets if you do not want your favorite and expensive appliances to crack or break. Besides, you should not put a shelf bedside the bed if you do not want to be woken by the cats in the middle of the night.

Choose an area where your cat spends time: Next, you should choose to place the shelves where your cat often plays and lies. Don't put shelves in an area or room where your cat never goes. For example, if your cat spends most of his time in the living room, you will look for a place in your living room to mount them. If they like sleeping in the bedroom, please consider placing shelves there.

Consider the height: Choose the height of the shelf based on your cat's characteristics. Most cats can climb and jump high. However, if you have an overweight cat, an old cat, or a cat with trouble moving, you should place a lower shelf on the wall. Besides, you can arrange shelves vertically and horizontally so your cat can play more fun. You might also consider placing some shelves closer and shorter to make it easier for older, harder-moving cats to step up.

Draw out where you want the shelves on the wall: The final step you need to do is outline the position you want to place the shelf on the wall. For example, you might consider length, height, and distance between shelves first. That makes the process of setting up shelves later easier and more efficient. You do not like to have to remove the shelf many times if not the right position, right?

Selecting shelves

In this section I also have some notes for you in choosing shelves.

Choose shelves of different sizes: On the market today, there are many types of cat shelves with a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. You can freely choose the type of shelf you like best. You can also choose a variety of shelf shapes such as triangles, squares, rectangles, etc. That variety not only helps your cats to play but also makes your home more attractive and unique.

Choose a design for the shelves: You can set up your cat shelves in many different ways. You can place them on a diagonal, like a staircase going up. You can also create a zigzag pattern by placing two to three shelves diagonally upward, then turning in the other direction as the shelves keep going up.

Choose a covering for the shelves: Cats are extremely naughty pets. It can destroy many things in the house. And for shelves are no exception. To minimize cat infestation, you should equip the shelves with a layer of carpet outside with soft fabrics to protect the shelves as well as help your cat have a softer and more comfortable bed.

Choose a reputable address to buy shelves: Now, you just need to choose the facilities and stores where many customers trust and buy to ensure quality and get the best warranty.

In conclusion

Above are some steps and notes for you when selecting and setting up a cat shelf. I hope these ideas and tips will be helpful to you. Finally, thank you for taking the time to read this article. Have a nice day.